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ARC; Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 가속속도열량계

온도의 함수로써 단열(adiabatic)환경에서 열량/압력변화 측정.


- 폭주온도(runaway temperature)
- TMR (Time To Maximum Ratio)
- onset (발열 개시온도)
- 최소최대 자기발열속도(self-heating rate)
- 압력변화와 압력상승속도
- 자기 발열속도에 이르기 까지 걸린 시간
- endothermic onset
- 리튬이온2차전지의 abuse test

  (Over-Voltage, - Shorting, - heat change on short 등)
- and more



[ARC] [ ES-ARC ] 가속속도열량계

Accelerating Rate Calorimeter
0 ~ 600°C temperature range (-40°C ~ 600°C with CSU option)
Sensitivity: 0.002°C/min detection to 200°C
Pressure Range 0-200 bar
Calorimeter assembly; 10cm diameter by 12cm depth; 2.5cm thick copper (Ni plated)

[ARC] [ EV-ARC ] 배터리열량계

Battery ARC, Accelerating Rate Calorimeter
-50°C ~ 450°C EV temperature range
-40°C ~ 200°C BPC temperature range
0.02°C/min detection
Temperature resolution 0.001°C,
Pressure range 0-200 bar  

Calorimeter chamber: 25cm diameter; 50cm depth
BPC Battery Performance Calorimeter; 60cm, 50cm depth 

[ARC] [ EV+ ] 배터리열량계

Battery ARC, Accelerating Rate Calorimeter
-50°C (with CryoCool) to +300°C temperature range

Temperature measurement: Type N thermocouple

0.01°C temperature sensitivity

0.02­°C temperature accuracy

0.02°C/min exotherm detection sensitivity

Exotherm tracking rate to 20°C/min

Pressure measurement: external (standard) / internal (optional)

Pressure range 0-50 bar

Pressure accuracy 0.5%

[ARC] [ BPC ] 배터리열량계

Battery ARC, Accelerating Rate Calorimeter
-30°C* to +200°C temperature range

Temperature measurement: Type N thermocouple

0.01°C temperature sensitivity

0.1°C Temperature accuracy

Exotherm detection sensitivity from 0.005°C/min

Exotherm tracking rate to 20°C/min

Pressure measurement 0-50 bar

Pressure accuracy 0.5%



Isothermal Battery Calorimeter

-5 to 80°C temperature range

+/- 100μW (STD) or +/- 1μW (high sensitivity) upto 10W ;

Detectable Heat




Adiabatic calorimetry (단열열량계)

- Vent sizing
- Self-Heat rate analysis
  (Determination of heat of reaction, activation energy and other kinetic parameters)
- Pressure and Pressure Rate Temperature
- Time to Maximum Rate
  (Determination of maximum safe temperatures or size of storage vessels, Determination of   SADT)

Thermal stability of lithium batteries and components
(리륨이온배터리 및 조성물의 열안정성 시험)


- Thermal test of Li-ion prismatic cell with simultaneous voltage measurement
  (Explosive decomposition)
- Shorting test of Li-ion prismatic cell (Thermal runaway)
- Overcharging of lithium polymer battery (Temperature, voltage and current   measurement)
- Thermal stability testing of a charged 18650 battery



[CISP]Software for reaction hazard assessment (TSS) and Software for Chemical Engineering (CES)  



Study of chemical processes
- homogeneous (liquid or gas);
- heterogeneous (gas-solid, liquid-liquid);
- parameter kinetic estimation;
- modeling of chemical processes;
- reactor optimization.


Calorimetric investigations
- reactions in solid and liquid chemicals

  (thermal decomposition, polymerization, ...);
- interaction between liquid reactants;
- measurement of specific heat of solids and liquids;
- determination of phase transition parameters in solids;
  measurement of thermal conductivity of liquids;


Data processing services:

- initial processing of thermoanalytical data (DSC, TG, DTA, isothermal and heat  flux calorimetry,   reaction calorimetry, combined methods DSC+TG, ...);
- initial processing adiabatic data (ARC, VSP, Phi-tech, DEWAR, etc.);
- creation of kinetic models of chemical reactions based on various calorimetric data and data on   variation of reactants concentrations;
- reactors simulation and optimization based on reaction kinetics and reactor model;
- reaction hazards assessment based on reaction kinetics (runaway simulation and vent sizing,   critical conditions of thermal explosion, analysis of thermal stability of products, etc.).




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