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THT Technical Information Sheet No 21 describes heat losses and deviations from the fully adiabatic state in the Accelerating Rate Calorimeter and alternative calorimeters. THT Technical Information Sheet No 22 discusses of this into the thermal inertia or φ, the heat loss into the sample container. The discussion here is related to sample types that are usually processed in solution and how testing at various φ values affects the results. This is the application of accelerating rate calorimetry to reaction engineering or process optimisation. Such data, though, is generally useful to very many
applications, with samples that may be solids or reactive liquids without solvent dilution.

The results here show the range of sample over which the Accelerating Rate Calorimeter may be used, the errors that may occur and how they may be quantified. The data indicates that it is possible to vary concentration to get whatever φ value is needed ‘dial-a-φ’ or to work at φ = 1 if the concentration is adjusted by a few % to compensate for heat lost into the bomb. However this is discussed in detail in THT Technical Information Sheet No 24.

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ARC Technical Information Sheet No. 23, Thermal Hazard Technology, UK

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