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2012.01.29 (05:05:53)
Product Category:  Linear Swell Meter 
Output Properties:  Volumetric expansion (or contraction) of a core/wafer sample 

M4600 HPHT Linear Swell Meter
The only HPHT linear swell meter currently
available in the USA




The Grace Instrument M4600 HPHT Linear Swell Meter is an automated, dual core, high pressure and high temperature linear swell meter (up to 2,000 psi and 500 °F). It is engineered to measure the volumetric expansion (or contraction) of a core/wafer sample under simulated downhole conditions while saturating it with a drilling fluid sample.


The Grace Instrument M4600 HPHT Linear Swell Meter provides the most repeatable test results on the market today. The patent-pending design allows core samples to expand in only one direction, making test results very repeatable.

It is the only HPHT linear swell meter available that is manufactured in the United States, and it has been designed specifically so that operation is both fast and easy. Quick sample loading and hardware setup optimize the testing process.

The M4600 is also available with a dual core/wafer compactor so that drill cuttings, or other solids, can be compressed into a self-adhering core/wafer and tested in the M4600 HPHT Linear Swell Meter. Measuring the expansion (or contraction) of actual down-hole cuttings under HPHT conditions will yield data that is far more representative of downhole engineering applications than atmospheric testing alone. This allows researchers to design better fluids, project managers and technicians to make better fluid selection decisions, and QA personnel to identify potential problems with fluid and downhole solids interactions.

The M4600 includes M4600daq software for data acquisition. Test data collection can be customized in order to evaluate volumetric sample changes over various time quantities, and real-time data is displayed along with customized charts during the course of a test. Test data is easily exported into Microsoft? Excel™ for report generating either during a test or after a test is completed.

The M4600 is engineered for HPHT laboratory testing of solids and fluids interactions: 

  • PC interface
  • digital data
  • sturdy
  • easy to operate
  • safe operation
  • HPHT
  • test flexibility
  • repeatable results
  • low maintenance
  • automatic data collection

Includes M4600daq™ software, which connects the M4600 with a Windows-based PC
(required for M4600 operation)

  • Tests are simple to set up and run
  • Customizable charts and real-time data are displayed during tests
  • Data can be instantly exported into Microsoft? Excel™

Dimensions: 21" x 20" x 14"

Weight: 55 lbs
Temperature Range: Ambient to 500 °F
Pressure Range: Atm. to 2,000 psi
Core/Wafer diameter: 1.00 inch
Core/Wafer length:: 0.4 to 1.00 inch
Maximum linear displacement: ±0.6 inches
Linear resolution: 0.1% of full scale range
Voltage: 90 VAC to 240 VAC
Heater Cup Voltage: 120 VAC or 240 VAC (with transformer)
Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz

Computer Requirements: PC with MS Windows 9X/2000/XP/Vista/Win7




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