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2012.01.29 (05:16:50)
Product Category:  HPHT Rheometer, Foam Rheometer 
Output Properties:  Foam half life, Digital measurement of bubble size and distribution 

M9200 HPHT Foam Rheometer




The Grace Instrument M9200 HPHT Foam Rheometer is designed to simulate foam fracturing and acidizing processes under
down hole conditions of temperature and pressure, while providing comprehensive data collection, including power law n' and k' values for future modeling. The M9200 computer-controlled automation package allows precise monitoring and variable flow-rate control.


M9200 Features:

  1. Single or dual gas (CO2 and/or N2) foam testing capability.
  2. Constant circulation of the foam, which ensures uniform foam properties.
  3. HPHT viewing cell allows testing of acid samples and ensures safe operation.
  4. Visual determination of foam half life and digital measurement of bubble size and distribution.
  5. Integrated heating trace ensures that all lines are subjected to a uniform temperature.
  6. Accumulator for testing high viscosity and/or corrosive samples.
  7. Viewing cell images can be digitized and processed digitally.
  8. Designed to handle fluids and gases at temperatures up to 350 °F, under a working pressure up to 5,000 psi.

M9200 PC Software:

M9200-4.jpg M9200-5.jpg


  • test sequence setup
  • real-time charting
  • historic data review
  • automatic temperature controls of oven and heat tracing
  • shear rate (circulation flow rate) control

M9200 PC enables you to create and manage test steps, manage a database powered by MS Access?, and allow the resulting data to be saved, viewed, printed, plotted, and analyzed. Test data may be exported in MS Excel?-compatible spreadsheet format for state equation calculation.

M9200 can also be built to custom specifications.




M9200 Specifications 

Dimensions: 26" x 28" x 70"
Weight: 250 lbs
Operating Temperature: Ambient to 350 °F
Working Pressure: Atm to 5,000 psi
Shear Rate: 0 to 1,500 S-1
Sample Volume: 115 mL
Accumulator: 500 mL capacity, 6,000 psi
Viewing Cell: Stereo microscope ? Sapphire window
Dual Gas: CO2 or N2 gas injection for foam creation
PC (included): Pentium-grade PC with MS Win7, dual monitors, color printer




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