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2012.01.29 (05:02:17)
Product Category:  HPHT Rheometer, Fluid Rheometer, Linear Swell Meter 
Output Properties:  Volumetric expansion (or contraction) 

M7500LSM Ultra HPHT Linear Swell Meter
Patent Pending


The Grace Instrument M7500LSM Ultra HPHT Linear Swell Meter is an add-on module for the M7500 Ultra HPHT Rheometer and provides an automated, ultra-high pressure and high temperature linear swell meter (up to 30,000 psi and 600 °F). Like the dedicated Grace Instrument M4600 HPHT Linear Swell Meter, it is engineered to measure the volumetric expansion (or contraction) of a solid sample under simulated downhole conditions while saturating it with a fluid sample.

The Grace Instrument M7500LSM Ultra HPHT Linear Swell Meter module adds new functionality to the M7500 Ultra HPHT Rheometer as a new part of the existing line of M7500 add-on modules.

The M7500LSM functions are included within M7500daq data acquisition software. Test data collection can be customized in order to evaluate volumetric sample changes over various time quantities, and real-time data is displayed along with customized charts during the course of a test. Test data is easily exported into Microsoft? Excel™ for report generating either during a test or after a test is completed.




The M7500 Ultra HPHT Rheometer:


The patented M7500 Ultra HPHT Rheometer is capable of testing fluid viscosity under conditions of temperature and pressure ranging from atmospheric to 30,000 psi and from 20 °F (with chiller) to 600 °F.

More M7500 add-on modules:

M7500 add-on modules provide powerful new functionality at a lower cost than competing, stand-alone instruments, while maintaining a single instrument footprint and merging seamlessly with your existing software training.

More specifications and other information can be found on our M7500 Ultra HPHT Rheometer page.




M7500LSM Linear Swell Meter

Temperature Range: Ambient (20 °F w/chiller) to 600 °F
Pressure Range: Atm to 30,000 psi
Core/Wafer diameter: 1.00 inch
Core/Wafer length:: 0.4 to 1.00 inch )
Linear resolution: 0.1% of full scale range
Maximum linear displacement: ±0.6 inches

Computer Requirements: PC with MS Windows 9X/2000/XP/Vista/7



Output Properties
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10 Grace Instruments, USA M4600 HPHT Linear Swell Meter Volumetric expansion (or contraction) of a core/wafer sample
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