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esarc4_closed.jpgAccelerating Rate Calorimeter for Chemicals and Small Batteries

THT사의 ARC는 Heat-Wait-Seek 원리를 최초로 채용한 열량계로써, 단열환경에서 화학반응에 의한 최대의 발열온도(runaway temperature)를 읽어 온도와 압력생성에 관해 정량적으로 분석하고 열안전성에 관한 최적의 조건을 구현하는 단열열량계(adiabatic calorimeter)입니다.

⊙ 측정조건 설정이 간단하며 setup 시간이 짧다
⊙ PC Based processor를 장착하고 있어 data 기록 및 저장 속도가 빠르다.
⊙ 탁월한 단열성 (Adiabaticity)
⊙ 감도가 뛰어나고 분당 0.005 ℃로 발열온도 측정
⊙ 시료 범위가 넓다
⊙ 시료온도를 0.01°C까지 단열을 유지한다.
⊙ 0-10g의 시료량 가능
⊙ Testing possibility of AA, 18650, 4/5A, 2/3A, coin or prismatic batteries, Lithium-Ion batteries



Devised by Dow Chemical Company in the 1970\'s, an explosion at a Dow UK site led to commercialisation of ARC technology. The Chemical Processing Industry has been safer from its first availability in 1980! The ARC has specific features and advantages that make it unique and preferable to all other technologies that were available at this time - and today 30 years later this technology is still the number one choice for most people focusing in the area of quantifying exothermic reactions, effect of heat upon materials and simulating runaway reactions.

THT has played the major role in ARC technology development and has continuously kept ARC technology in manufacture. THT has produced up-to-date instruments and has extended and enhanced the technology as requested, by users. THT has worked with users worldwide to understand their needs and to develop new products and applications.

Key Aspects of the ARC:

  • Excellent adiabatic control
  • Universal sample type
  • Ultimate sensitivity
  • Ease of use
  • Simplified data analysis
  • Worldwide data acceptance
  • Safe in use


  • Additional larger calorimeters
  • Options for battery applications

And Latest Features:

  • Greater stability
  • Higher sensitivity
  • Wider temperature range
  • More versatile additional isothermal modes
  • Remote operation worldwide
  • Virtual technician
  • Endotherms/Exotherms
  • Zero reflux
  • Gas flow
  • Low Phi containers
  • Fast tracking calorimeter
  • Pressure compensation calorimeter
  • Correction to phi = 1
  • Heat capacity measurement
  • Automatic data conversion to... Joules, Watts, moles/g


Temperature & pressure data for AIBN (an Azo initiator)

An understanding of the energy release from chemical reactions is vitally important in the chemical industries. When the heat generated by a chemical process is greater than the heat removal then the temperature will rise with perhaps catastrophic effect. On a laboratory scale, only an adiabatic calorimeter can reliably evaluate such conditions as it reproduces the worst case, zero heat loss conditions of a large scale process. The Accelerating Rate Calorimeter is the most widely used and respected adiabatic calorimeter in the world and provides a quantitative analysis of the temperature and pressure generation for a process. This allows optimum conditions to be employed whilst ensuring inherently safe operation. Developed by The Dow Chemical Company, the Accelerating Rate Calorimeter is in use in over 200 laboratories around the world and the re-engineered instrument offered by Thermal Hazard Technology extends the ease of use and application of the original. In addition to a strong and durable calorimeter and enclosure, options allow for vent sizing, gas sampling, battery safety testing and low temperature testing. The semi-automated data analysis yields temperature and pressure rates, self-heat rate, time to maximum rate and temperature of no return amongst other parameters.

The Accelerating Rate Calorimeter is in use in a huge range of chemical processing areas, from explosives to detergents and from batteries to resins. It can detect exotherms from as little as 0.005 °C/min, corresponding to as little as 100W/tonne. It can test all manner of materials from high energy solids to low energy gases for safety applications in processing, storage or transportation.

Heat-Wait-Seek standard methodology for adiabatic testing.
Heats to set temperature.
Waits for thermal equilibration.
Seeks for exotherm.
Heats by temperature step.


Temperature range Ambient to 500°C
Sub Ambient Operation -40 to 400°C with CSU option
Temperature Precision 0.01°C
Temperature Accuracy 0.1°C
Pressure Range 0-200 bar
0-10,000 bar by adding alternative transducers
Detection of Exotherm To 500°C 0.02°C/min
To 400°C 0.01°C/min
To 300°C 0.005°C/min
Phi Value From 1.2 with standard specification \'bomb\'
From 1.1 with low phi container
Tracking Rate 20°C/min with standard calorimeter
100°C/min with fast tracking calorimeter
System Requirements Electrical 200v 13A
Cooling Air 5 bar/75 psi
Footprint 81cm x 166cm x 71cm (width x height x depth)
Power Supply Single phase
Low Phi Sample container for Ø below 1.1 (depending on sample Cp)
Fast Tracking Calorimeter Tracking to 100°C/min
Cryogenic System Lowers ambient temperature to -40°C
Stirring Stirring and agitation to 200rpm with low phi container
Dosing Manual or Automated pressure dosing options
Vent Sizing Option to allow tempering and blow down tests
Battery Stufies Two options for shorting,aging, overchargingabuse and use testing of batteries



4 BPC Battery Performance Calorimeter
ARC Accelerate Rate Calorimeter
Output Properties:
Selected ES-ARC 가속속도열량계; Accelerating Rate Calorimeter
ARC Accelerate Rate Calorimeter
Output Properties:
2 EV+ Accelerating Rate Calorimeter
ARC Accelerate Rate Calorimeter
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1 EV-ARC 배터리열량계 ; Battery ARC, Accelerating Rate Calorimeter
ARC Accelerate Rate Calorimeter
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