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2007.10.31 (22:13:53)
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Application:  •Hazard analysis
•Thermal stability
•Heat capacity (Cp) determination
•Reaction kinetics
•Excipient compatibility
•Food spoilage
•Microbial growth
•Protein denaturation
•Adhesive curing
•End point determination 

Micro Reaction CalorimeteruRC_001A.jpg


⊙ Titration calorimetry - Isothermal calorimetry - Differential scanning calorimetry 가 모두 측정 가능한 All-in-one 제품
⊙ Solid 및 liquid, mixture 측정을 위한 low volume disposable cell
⊙ 감도가 뛰어나고 (high sensitivity) 측정범위가 넓어 (standard) 생물학적 물질에서 폭발물까지 다양하게 적용할 수 있고,
⊙ 응답속도가 매우 빨라 Kinetic application이 가능하며,
⊙ 10 bar 까지의 압력환경에서 실험할 수 있어서 catalysis와 hydrogen의 모니터링이 가능하고
⊙ Solid addition을 이용하면 정확한 dissolution study가 가능하다.

  Power compensation 원리를 이용한 μRC™는 titration, isothermal, pressure, scanning calorimeter로써 신속, 정확, 간단, 안전, 저렴한 마이크로 반응열량계입니다. Cp 측정은 물론 dissolution study를 위한 solid addition이 가능합니다.

THT introduce the micro reaction calorimeter µRC™ with µW sensitivity and 1.5ml disposable vials. This system gives rapid determination of both exothermic and endothermic reaction enthalpies. The use of a computer controlled addition syringe allows highly accurate and repeated titration of reagents.

Versatile and flexible µRC accomplishes most of the tasks of a large volume reaction calorimeter – but faster, simpler, cheaper and safer.

Areas of application

  • Hazard analysis
  • Thermal stability
  • Heat capacity (Cp) determination
  • Reaction kinetics
  • Excipient compatibility
  • Food spoilage
  • Microbial growth
  • Protein denaturation
  • Adhesive curing
  • End point determination

Options available for solid addition and pressure measurement



Heat capacity measurement of water



Sensitivity: +/- 5µW

Dynamic range: 5µW to 300mW

Temperature: -10 to 200°C

Modes of operation: Isothermal, Step Isothermal, Scanning, Titration

Scanning Rate: Up to 2°C/min

Isothermal Stability: +/- 0.0001oC - over extended time period

Stirring Speed: 0 - 400 rpm

Time Constant: 10- 20 seconds

Cell Volume: 2.0ml

Cell Type: Removable glass vial

Injection Volume: 1 to 250 µL

Temperature Control: Peltier based - no external equipment required

Measurement Principle:
Power compensation

Connection to PC: Cable from µRC to PC USB port

Footprint 15 x 40 x 35cm (width x depth x height)



Pressure measurement : up to 10 bar for monitoring catalysis/hydrogenation

Solid addition option: dose temperature equilibrated powder to liquid for accurate dissolution studies

Disposable syringe
Option: manual titration using disposable syrignes

Kinetics analysis
Module comprising:

  1. (1) File conversion software
  2. (2) Data processing software*
  3. (3) Kinetic modelling software*
  4. (4) Reactor simulation software*

* Appropriate for semi-batch reactions, isothermal & ramped temperature datasets; descriptive kinetic models



2 μMC™ 마이크로 멀티셀 반응열량계
uRC Micro Reaction Calorimeter
Output Properties:
Selected μRC™ 마이크로 반응열량계
uRC Micro Reaction Calorimeter
Output Properties:
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