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Product Category:  Torque Rheometer 
Output Properties:  Melt Temperature
Application:  Rheology measurements of polymer 

rs5000-S1 Polymer Prep Station Torque Rheometer

rs5000 Series는 Lab Scale의 Polymer Study에 최적화된 제품으로써, 재료 특성 분석과 고분자 공정의 다양한 Industry Standard Mixer와 Extruder를 사용한 최신의 토크 레오미터 (Torque Rheometer) System이다.

rs5000 Drive는 고객의 예산과 필요조건에 맞게 설계된 3가지 시스템으로 구분되어 있다. 모든 드라이브는 5hp과 7.5hp가 가능하며, 용도에 따라 넓은 범위의 RPM/Torque를 선택운영 할 수 있다.

rs5000-S1은 Sample Preparation 용으로 설계된 경제적인 시스템으로써, Mixer 또는 Single, Twin Screw Extruder를 사용한다. 3개의 Temperature Control Zone (최대 6 zone 가능)과 1 Melt Temperature Readout, Motor Load Readout으로 구성되며, 2 Melt Pressure Readout 옵션을 선택적으로 운영할 수 있다.

rs5000 Series drives and rheometers from Rheometer Services Inc. are the perfect choice for laboratory scale polymer studies using a wide range of industry standard mixers and extruders.


Choose from 3 drive configurations

rs5000 Series drives are available in 3 configurations (S1, S2, & S5) designed to meet your budget and requirements. All drives are available in 5hp and 7.5hp models and a variety of RPM/Torque ranges to fit your application.


rs5000-S1 Polymer Prep Station

The rs5000-S1 Polymer Prep Station is an affordable drive system designed for sample prep using either mixers or single and twin screw extruders.

Systems are configured with:

· 3 zones of temperature control (up to 6 available)

· 1 melt temperature readout (up to 2 available)

· 1 RPM readout (additional Auxiliary drive readout


· Accommodation for up to 2 melt pressure indicators

· Motor Torque indicator


The rs5000-S1 Polymer Prep Station Rheometer


Temperature Control

rs5000 S1 Drives utilize Eurotherm 3216 controllers which provide unprecedented control for process temperature.

Independent air cooling channels (up to 4 zones) ensure excellent control.


System Architecture

The rs5000-S1 system is designed to provide a familiar operator man-machine interface for users accustomed to working with the expansive installed base of pilot plant mixing and extrusion systems.

Speed control

rs5000-S1 drives incorporate state of the art AC drive technology with closed loop control to ensure optimum speed control.

Standard speed range is 0-200RPM.



The Irs5000-S1 MMI

Drive Torque Measurement *

rs5000-S1 systems provide a “representative” indication of the torque required to process your material. This signal is generated directly from the motor drive (as opposed to a load cell).

Combined with the features of the Eurotherm 32h8i indicator (tare & scaling) an excellent indication of energy generated by the process can be monitored.




Selected 토크레오미터: rs5000-S1 Polymer Prep Station Torque Rheometer
Torque Rheometer
Output Properties: Melt Temperature Pressure Torque
2 rs5000-S2 Polymer Study Station Torque Rheometer
Torque Rheometer
Output Properties: Melt Temperature Pressure Torque
1 rs5000-S5 Torque Rheometer
Torque Rheometer
Output Properties: Melt Temperature Pressure Torque
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