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Superior quality in design comes from years of experience. Instec, Inc. was founded over twenty years ago by Professor Noel Clark’s research group at the University of Colorado, at Boulder. Since then, Instec has continued its effort to respond to the needs of the experimental community with innovative products which provide the highest quality, most user-friendly and cost effective solutions. From complete thermal microscopy systems to customized products, Instec is the ultimate source for your research equipment needs.

Microscope Hot / Cold Stages


[Hot/Cold Stages] HCS301i
Inverted Microscope Hot & Cold Stage

[Hot/Cold Stages] HCS60
Inverted Microscope Thermal Stage

[Hot/Cold Stages] TSA02i
Inverted Microscope Thermal Stage

[Hot/Cold Stages] TS102V
Microscope Thermal Vacuum Stage

[Hot/Cold Stages] TS102W
Wlde Aperture Mlcroscope Thermal Stage

Microscope Hot / Cold Stages More

Liquid Crystal Tester

[Liquid Crystal Tester] NNLCG1
Rotational Viscosity for Negative NLC

[Liquid Crystal Tester] ALCT3
USB-Based Automatic Liquid Crystal Tester

[Liquid Crystal Tester] PD02
C-Mount Photo Detector

[Liquid Crystal Tester] LC Tester
for Ion, Resistivity, VHR, and RDC

Liquid Crystal Testers More

Hot / Cold Chucks

[Hot/Cold Chucks] Square
Hot & Cold Chuck Systems

[Hot/Cold Chucks] TC102S & TC104S
Peltier Based Thermal Chucks

[Hot/Cold Chucks] HCC302
Hot & Cold Chuck

[Hot/Cold Chucks] HCC602
High Temperature Hot & Cold Chuck

Hot / Cold Chucks More


Hot / Cold Plates


[Hot/Cold Plates] Square
Hot & Cold Plate Systems

[Hot/Cold Plates] HCP302
Hot & Cold Plate

[Hot/Cold Plates] HCP622
Series Vacuum & Gas Tight Hot & Cold Plates

[Hot/Cold Plates] AHP202
Hot Plate for AFM

[Hot/Cold Plates] TP102
Series Vacuum & Gas Tight Thermal Plates

Hot / Cold Plates More

Optical Microscopy
Food Science
Material Science
Liquid Crystals
Cell Biology



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