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Spindle 교체 및 탈착이 매우 용이한 Rheosys 사 (NJ, USA) 회전형 점도계(Rotational Viscometer)는 Peltier 온도조절기 장착이 가능하므로 외부에 별도의 가열/냉각 장치를 둘 필요가 없습니다.

Rheosys Viscometers & temperature controllers are used in a broad range of applications. Development and QC of food products, inks, paints and other coatings, solvents, adhesives, petroleum products and plastics. more


F5 Technologie 사 (Wunstorf, Germany) Quartz 고주파 점도계는 온도제어(-55℃ ~ 220℃)가 필요한 랩용 및 공정용(인라인) 점도계이며 클리닝이 매우 용이합니다. 고압점도계 및 소량 시료(0.5ml) 측정용 점도계로 운영 가능합니다.

Quartz Viscometry Site: Fully automated measurements.Process Viscometer for direct process control. In-line and continuous viscosity monitoring.


Viscometers provide reliable, fast and accurate viscosity measurement. Robustness and reliability in the process and ergonomic and easy handling in the lab are a matter of course. more


Grace Instrument 사(Texas, USA) M3600 Viscometer는 진정한 couette, coaxial cylinder
회전형 자동 점도계입니다.


M3600 Viscometer with heater cup, B1 bob and R1 rotor

The Grace Instrument M3600 Viscometer is a true Couette, coaxial cylinder, rotational viscometer. It is engineered to meet the various fluid rheology measuring needs of our customers, from on-site oilfield personnel doing single-speed tests in harsh environments to laboratory researchers doing advanced rheology testing. more




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