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Micro Reaction Calorimeter


Titration calorimetry

Isothermal calorimetry

Differential scanning

Heat Capcity (Cp)

Temperature Control Viscometer


Programmable Viscometer

Shear rate:  10-2 to 10000 1/s

Temperature :  -10 to +120ºC

Cone, Plate, Bob, Vane Spindle

Dielectric Cure Monitor


Thermal Curing with Permissivity

UV-Curing with Permissivity

DEA operation

Various Dielectric sensors

Isopheribol Bomb Calorimeter


Measuring time: 11 ~ 15 minutes

Automatic calorimeter

Economical price

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World Best Accelerating Rate Calorimeter


Thermal Safety of Battery and Chemicals under adiabatic


Charge / discharge test, Abuse test, TMR (Time To Maximum)


Thermal Hazard Technology, UK



Precision Texture Analyzer


Adhesion Testing Equipment


Precision Peel-off Strength Tester


Ball Probe Tack, Tension, Compression, Creep Recovery, Stress Relaxation


YEONJIN Corporation, Korea


  Lab Viscometer /

Process Viscometer

High Pressure / High Temperature Viscometer


In-Line operation / Easy Cleaning / Customized viscosity sensors


Low Viscosity (0.1 cPs)


F5 Technologie, Germany



High Performance Differential Scanning Calorimeter


DSC resolution : 0.004 / 0.001 microWatt


User Changeable DSC sensor


Automatic operation


Mettler Toledo AG, Swiss








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