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High temperature / High pressure PVT 고온고압 pVT


[Viscometer / Rheometer] [고압 유변물성측정기]
MicroPVT, High Pressure Viscosity
p,V,T diagram up to 5,000 bar (72,000 psi)

Density, compression ratio, bulk modulus, viscosity

High pressure viscosity, hydrate formation and wax crystallisation behaviour, paraffin content, density function, etc.

[Viscometer / Rheometer] [고온고압 pVT]
M7500PVT Ultra HPHT Pycnometer
Temperature Range: Ambient (20 °F w/chiller) to 600 °F
Pressure Range: Atm to 30,000 psi

Resolution: 0.5% of initial density






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