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2012.01.27 (08:18:39)
Product Category:  HPHT Rheometer, Fluid Rheometer, Sagging Tester 
Output Properties:  Sagging 

M8500 Ultra HPHT Dynamic Sagging Tester



The Grace Instrument M8500 High Pressure, High Temperature Dynamic Sagging Tester is designed for evaluating barite sagging and other weight material sag under simulated drilling conditions.

The M8500 Sagging Tester is engineered for safe testing while providing ultra high pressure and high temperature sag test conditions.


Data Integrity
The innovative design of the M8500 Sagging Tester accumulator piston prevents contamination of the drilling fluid inside the testing cell with pressurization fluid.


Control Parameters
A sample of drilling fluid is subjected to an adjustable temperature, pressure, rotor (pipe) speed and borehole angle for a set period of time.


Sample Extraction
Small amounts of the sample are taken from a defined collection site within the testing cell while maintaining temperature, pressure, and shear conditions. This method of sample extraction produces repeatable results.

Sample Characterization
The density and composition of the extracted sag samples can be measured. Other qualitative and quantitative analysis can also be performed.

Example of M8500 Sagging Test Results:

Table 1: M8500 Dynamic Sagging Tester Results for 11.00 lb/gal, oil-based fluid with API Barite weight material
Initial Mud Density lb/gal 11.00
Borehole Angle degrees 80
Temperature oF 300
Pressure psi 20,000
RPM rpm 100
Annulus inch 0.375
Shear Rate S-1 33.71
Sag Density after 1 hour lb/gal 13.14
Density Difference lb/gal 2.14
Relative Density Increase % 19.45

The M7500 Ultra HPHT Rheometer:

M8500-2.jpg M8500-3.jpg


The Grace Instrument M8500 is based on the hardware platform of the Grace Instrument M7500 Ultra HPHT Rheometer.

The patented M7500 Ultra HPHT Rheometer is capable of testing fluid viscosity under conditions of temperature and pressure ranging from atmospheric to 30,000 psi and from 20 °F (with chiller) to 600 °F.

More M7500 add-on modules:


M7500 add-on modules provide powerful new functionality at a lower cost than competing, stand-alone instruments, while maintaining a single instrument footprint and merging seamlessly with your existing software training.

More specifications and other information can be found on our M7500 Ultra HPHT Rheometer page.




M8500 Specifications

Dimensions: 30" x 12.5" x 25" (Tower) 20" x 25" x 15.5" (Cab)
Weight: 278 lbs
Construction: Stainless Steel
Sample Size 220 ml
Temperature Range: Ambient (20 °F w/chiller) to 600 °F
Speed Range: 0.01 to 600 rpm continuous
Pressure Range: Atm to 20,000 psi
Shear Rate: 0.004 to 202 S-1

Borehole Angle: 0 to 80°

Voltage: 120 VAC or 240 VAC (with transformer)
Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Coolant supply: Tap water or chiller
Compressed air: 120 psi

Computer Requirements: PC with MS Windows 9X/2000/XP/Vista/Win7


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