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2017.02.06 (14:34:43)
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Scope of Application:
This instrument is suitable for application to such industries or sectors as Electric Power, Coal, Paper-Making, Petrochemical Industry, Cement, Agriculture & Husbandry, Pharmaceutics, Scientific Research and Teaching for measuring of Calorific Values of combustible of Coals, Coke, Petroleum and Cement raw materials.



The data is real and reliable.

After the starting, the first time experimental data is accurate, does not have the experimental result to become invalid at the first time test, the continual operating time reaches 72h;

All data is actual, real and objective does not use the software to adjust or change test result, to piece together the data.



The system structure layout is reasonable, no complex oxygen bomb elevating mechanism, avoids the mechanical breakdown, the instrument runs stably.

Does not use the compressor refrigeration, the instrumentation sound is lower than 40 decibels, does not have the noise pollution.

With self-diagnostic function, accurately judge and prompt various functional unit is whether working normal during the test procedure, easy to maintain, guarantees the system normal operation.

The watch-dog and machinery protective device provides full protection, prevents the instrument abnormal.



Automatic water temperature adjustment and water weighing as well as automatic measuring of total water volume.

External balance weighing connected to the calorimeter, automatic send and save and pronounce by voice the sample weight, the operation is simple and reliable.

The jacket water and the testing water is separated and the jacket water temperature is always higher than the bucket water temperature and the difference is relatively constant, thus to isolate the influence of the environment to the bucket.

Easier operation and convenient maintenance; Double-head oxygen bomb. Firing wire is tied by Sleeve-Pressure Methodwhich is convenient, safe and reliable.

Automatic identification of the heat capacity corresponding to 100 oxygen bombs.



Light and aesthetic.

The instrument is controlled by only one switch.

It prompts in English characters in the complete process, test completion just by prompt-based operations.

Software featuring good error tolerance. No worry about wrong operations.

Convenient calculation and printing of gross/net calorific values.

Capable of multi-control and will not be interfered by each other. Automatically identify the parallel samples and calculate the average and error value. Capable of multi-copy printing.

Rich inquiry functions, supportive to ambiguous inquiry.




Analysis Time<15 min
Test per Hour4 samples
Temperature Resolution0.0001°C
Heat Capacity Precision≤0.1% RSD
Heat Capacity Stability≤0.2% within three months
Energy Resolution0.0001 Cal/gm
Energy Measurement RangeUp to 10,000 Cals/gm
Sample Weight0.5-1.4 gm
Calorimeter TypeIsoperibol
Conformance with StandardASTMD5865,   ASTMD240,   ASTMD4809,   ASTMD1989,
ASTMD5468, ASTM E711, ISO1928, DIN 51900
Oxygen FillingSemi Automatic oxygen filler
Bomb volume266ml
Bucket FillingAutomatic
Max. Bomb pressure20 Mp
Operator Time per Test8 min or Less
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Bomb IdentityAutomatic
Sample ignitionAutomatic sample ignition
Gas Requirement99.5% Oxygen
Water RequirementDistilled Water
Constant Volumetric Tank with Temperature
Control Device
Automatic control for water volumes
Water handling systemAutomatic by water circulation
Independent Bucket and Jacket Water SystemYes
Stirring MethodSolenoid pump
Power InverterYes
Combustion Vessel/BombBomb is highly resistant to corrosion and certificate for
safety of bomb under high pressure.
Crucible TypeMetallic Ni-Cr alloy
DiagnosticIn-built diagnostic facility
ResultsThe results of the GCV is saved in the HDD and can be
retrieved. Saved results can be printed.
RegulatorsOxygen regulator equipped.
Average Temperature Increase4°C
Temperature MeasurementPT1000
Working Temperature≤32°C
Power220V (-15% +10%), 50/60Hz
Max. Power1.5kW
Advance CalculationYes
Analysis ReportYes
Statistics ReportYes
System MonitorYes
DisplayExternal computer
PrinterConnecting with External PC
CorrectionsAcid or % Nitrogen, Fuse Wire, Sulfur, Moisture, Spike Weight, Ash, and Hydrogen
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