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Qualitative & Quantitative Analyzer

HPLC+GC-MS Triple analyzer, GC-MS, LC-MS, IC, FTIR, XRD, UV/Vis Spectrometer

KONIK LC-MS Q4 HPLC-MS LC-Mass Spectometry

KONIK LC-MS Q4는 모든 LC/MS 이온화 모드에서 최고의 감도를 제공하는 ion optic 과 quadrupole mass filter를 기반으로 합니다. LC/MS 이온화 모드는에는 ESI, APCI, positive ion과 negative ion이 포함합니다. ESI와 APCI는 쉽고 빠르게 전환됩니다. 고상시료 분석을 위한 APCI/ASAP 옵션과 결합되는 새로운 LC ESI/APCI는, KONIK LC-MS Q4로 하여금 매우 넓은 LC/MS application spectrum이 가능하도록 하였습니다.


KONIK HPLC-MS Q4 ESI / APCI / APPI는 광범위한 고성능 소스를 갖춘 single quad HPLC-MS입니다.
가격이 저렴하고 스캐닝이 빠른 컴팩트한 고성능 LC-MS입니다.

  • ESI (Electrospray),
  • APCI (Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization),
  • APPI (Atmospheric Pressure Photo Ionization),
  • ASAP (Atmospheric Solid Analysis Probe),
  • DART (Direct Analysis in Real Time)

Q4는 광범위한 HPLC flow를 처리하며 TLC 플레이트를 다룰 수 있도록 했습니다. GIBNIK에서는 1200 amu 및 2000 amu의 두 가지 질량 범위 옵션을 제공합니다. Q4는 10 ul/min에서 1 ml/min (APCI에서 2 ml/min)까지 다양한 flow을 처리할 수 있습니다. 



  • 양이온 및 음이온을 위한 Dual Electrospray (이중 전기 분무) / Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (대기압 케미컬 이온화 -ESI / APCI) 소스.
  • 대기압 이온화 인터페이스 (Atmospheric Pressure Ionization interface): 특허 출원중인 본 디자인은 오염을 줄이고 소형 진공 펌프를 허용하며 크기와 비용을 줄입니다.
  • 완벽한 자동 / 수동 튜닝 모드
  • 아날로그 입력, contact closure inputs (접점 폐쇄 입력), 디지털 / 아날로그 프로그래밍 가능 출력을 선택하여 'turn-key' 솔루션 패키지를 쉽게 맞춤설정할 수 있습니다.
  • Full Scan y Single Ion Monitoring (SIM) 및 mass analysis mode.
  • 양이온 및 음이온을 위한 전자 배율 이온 변환 감지 시스템 (Electron multiplier ion conversion detection system).




Easy To Use Ionizer
The KONIK HPLC-MS Q4 offers
the following inlet options:

Analytical HPLC and U-HPLC,
Direct Injection, Preparative,
Flash chromatography
TLC optional interface.




  • Acquisition rate: 10,000 m/z units/sec (compatible with UPLC)

  • Resolution: 데이터 수집 전구간에 걸쳐 1000 amu units / sec에서 0.5 ~ 0.7amu 단위 (FWHM)

  • Mass Range from 10 to 1200 amu : 저 분자 및  천연물,  낮은 분자 펩타이드에 이상적입니다. 



100 pg의 Reserpine (flow 100 µl / min에서 5ul injection)은 질량 분석기가 다음과 같을 때 m/z 609에서 양성자화 된 분자 이온에 대해 100 : 1 RMS의 신호 대 잡음비 (계산 된 피크 대 피크)를 생성합니다. 전체 스캔 모드에서 단위 질량 분해능으로 작동하며 m/z 100 ~ m/z 1200까지 스캔합니다.



  • Gas supply: Nitrogen 99% pure. 4 Bar (60 psi for APCI or 40 psi for ESI). ¼” tubing.
  • Gas consumption: up to 10 l/min
  • Weight and Dimensions: MS 70 kg, 26 x 11 x 22”
  • Rotary Pump: 30 kg, 10 x 9 x 18”



  • Line Voltage 100-240 VAC
  • Line Frequency: 47-63Hz
  • Power Consumption: 300VA max MSD and 550 VA max Rotary Pump
KONIK LC-MS Q4 HPLC-MS LC-Mass Spectometry 


KONIK MS Q12® Mass Spectrometer


Our Target is to design and provide universal, automatic and reproducible sample preparation, and sample introduction devices into any system for all separation modes (GC, HPLC, CE,...) coupled with unequivocal sample identification (HPLC+HRGC, GC/HPLC/MS,...) at lowest detection limits, in any sample matrix, with the minimum possible error, in qualitative and quantitative analysis, at the lowest obsolescence, with true integral modularity, upgradability and ergonomy, with easy maintenance and minimum down-time.


The most innovative technology in quality and productivity LC-GC-DIP/MS

The new KONIK MS Q12 Series C features a revolutionary design, providing the power of three mass spectrometers in a single platform with fast and easy interchangeable ionisation sources for EI/CI/+/-, ESI/APCI/+/- and DIP/DEP/EI/CI/+/- in a compact benchtop instrument.

The concept design of the KONIK MS Q12 makes it unique in the world. Besides the unsurpassed modularity and flexibility, it provides utmost sensitivity, resolution, robustness, reliability and high speed not available in any other benchtop quadrupol mass spectrometer. All these features make it suitable for research and routine, qualitative and quantitative analysis.


The KONIK MS Q12® is designed for unrivaled performance and flexibility

Unique automatic sample preparation and sample introduction

ROBOKROM™ Multimode Autosampler meets the most demanding requirements of accuracy, precision and performances. It can be easily configured in seven working modes: GC liquid sampler, HPLC liquid sampler, Head Space, Purge & Trap, Solid Phase Micro Extraction, Thermal Desorption and Fraction Collector.

State-of-the-art GC pneumatics and sample injector

New patented KONIK’s EPC (Electronic Pneumatics Control) provides true flow and pressure programming. The EPC, combined with the top design of the tight purge-less cold septum capillary injector, prevents high volatile discrimination, sample degradation and saves gas. The high precision digital flow programming coupled to the ultra-high GC oven temperature accuracy (0.1ºC displayed) provides the most stable and reproducible retention times and chromatography separation.


Direct GC/MS Interface

The high temperature GC/MS interface has been optimised over the years to prevent hot spots that degrade the sample and cold spots to condense the sample. PID temperature control up to 350ºC allows accurate temperature settings and the SS/quartz transfer line assures a total inertness.

Versatile and inert EI and CI ion source

For both positive and negative ions as standard. The unique design of the ion source provides extremely fast exchange. Ultra-high efficiency Electron Impact and Chemical Ionization ion source with removable ionsation chamber, source exit lenses and long-life emission filament for fast and easy maintenance and replacement. Inert materials used in the ion source ensure better ionisation efficiency and long term day-to-day reproducibility. It can be chosed dedicated ion sources (for EI or for CI) for ultimate sensitivity or the new dual inlet source for both EI and CI without components replacement.

Temperature of the ion source is independently controlled up to 300ºC. Emission current is programmable from 0 to 2 mA and electron energy from 0 to 250 eV for maximum flexibility, covering the widest range of applications.

The Chemical Ionization source with small aperture facilitates higher pressure and increases ion residence time to maximise the ion reaction and yields to better ionisation efficiency. EPC control of the CI reagent gas leads to maximum reproducibility and ionisation stability. The system can accomodate one or two reagent gases at the same time.

Optional ACE™ Automated EI/CI switching between EI and CI modes allows both spectra to be obtained during the same chromatographic run even with fast eluting peaks.


The most performance vacuum system

Based in a high vacuum machined aluminium analyser chamber. Differential pumping between source and analyser is provided by two low-noise, air-cooled 200 l/s hybrid turbomoleculardrag pumps, backed by a 5 m3/h (GC mode) or a 21 m3/h (LC or LC-GC mode) dual stage oil-sealed rotary vane pump. The differential pumping, unique in a benchtop MS, improves the overall instrument performance while enhances high mass transmission.

The low turbopump rotation nominal speed, only 36,000 rpm, makes them field repairable, increases the pump life-time and therefore reduces drastically the system down-time and operational cost.
Large bore flanges for higher throughput and higher conductance increases the pumping efficiency.
The pump down time is minimum, less than 3 minutes from atmospheric to operational vacuum. In addition, the high pumping capacity increases the system applications to widebore 0.53 mm ID columns with unlimited choice of stationary phases, allowing flows in EI mode up to 6 ml/min and fast solvent elimination in all the LC/MS modes.

Computer-controlled electrovalves and gauges provide automatic vacuum operation by a simple click of a mouse. All the heaters and high voltages are automatically switched-off in case of a leak failure. The venting valve can be attached to an inert gas supply to purge the complete system, avoiding Oxygen, moisture and water vapour contamination.


       Long life photomultiplier detector

Long life photomultiplier detector

Detector for Positive and Negative ions

The MS Q12® detector is based in a ±7 kV off-axis post acceleration high energy dynodes and a long-life gas-sealed photomultiplier that ensures years of reproducible analysis and reduces the operational cost to the minimum. The detector design ensures comfortable routine work and stable quantitation at high mass.

This photomultiplier-based detector is a new dimension from the commonly used electron multipliers from other manufacturers. The detector offers two or three orders of magnitude linear dynamic range more than similar benchtop MS without cross calibration and PMT tube lifetime is guaranteed to exceed ten years under normal operation.

The Focus-Out electrostatic lens focuses the ions exiting the quadrupole and injects them to the HED.






GIBNIK Analytical Solutions, S.L., Barcelona, Spain

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